Shadrach in action

Simple to operate and deploys in seconds.

The runny egg test

Does it really work? Have a look at our scale model testing in a real fire.

Shadrach preliminary testing

Workshop testing.

The Facts

Here's what happens when a standard firetruck door is subjected to radiation flux and flame immersion equivalent to a serious burnover compared with a Shadrach wall panel.

Diesel choke.

In a burnover, the truck and its surrounds can be completely engulfed in flame. Will a diesel pump motor continue to operate in an oxygen starved atmosphere immersed in flame and smoke ?

This rig was built to explore the question. The air intake of a similar sized tractor motor was plumbed into a wood fire stove. Air to the motor had to pass through the firebox. Interestingly, the motor ran OK if the fire was burning strongly. I suspect that with plenty of oxygen (a non smoky flame) enough carbon monoxide was produced to supply the motor. If smoke was present however, (indicating a lack of oxygen) the motor stopped dead.

Question: Will a diesel motor continue to operate in a smoky, oxygen scarce environment?

Conclusion: Not always.

Fireproof floor.