Air toxics

Any firefighter will tell you that more people perish from smoke than flames so how well does the Shadrach protect the crew from toxic air?  The fundamental approach with the Shadrach has been to provide a space for the crew outside the plastic lined cab. The "upturned box" design traps sufficient good air as the shield is lowered to sustain a crew during a burnover. The question is will it keep the smoke out because even a small amount of air toxics can make the shelter untenable.? We have paid particular attention to the situation where the device is deployed on flammable material such as grass or leaf litter.

Live testing for smoke

Although live Human Guinea Pig testing has been very successful, we can't be sure until after an extreme event if the smoke exclusion performance is adequate. It will be many times better than being inside a plastic lined cab but for safety, the Shadrach is fitted with a Parat hood or similar smoke filter for each crew member. These devices are not expensive and will filter out carbon monoxide, the main problem gas. A Parat hood can be donned within seconds if required and could also guarantee safe passage through smoke and gas to safety on foot after the burnover.