During a bushfire, the most important people to keep safe are the people that keep everyone else safe…

Fireproof our firefighters.

What is Shadrach Burnover Protection?

Shadrach Burnover Protection is a new approach to protecting the crew of firetrucks (tankers) from deadly burnovers in a wildfire. It is a simple, effective fail-safe device that fits to the back of a truck. It uses no water, no chemicals, no pumps, no electrics, and will stand flames of 1,000C. for extended periods (> 20 minutes). It is immune to pump failure, oxygen starvation, ember and smoke ingestion and deploys in seconds.

Shadrach Human guinea pig test.

Here is the first live human guinea pig test of the Shadrach Burnover Protection Unit. Initially a diesel pool fire and then a quad LPG burner array emulating the worst case scenario bushfire.

Met our expectations. Quite comfortable inside and apart from the noise, you wouldn't know there was a deadly fire raging outside. No smoke. No fumes. No worries.